2023 Season on the way

Won’t be long now, and it will be time to get everything placed out into the yard, programmed, and running.

For 2023, the changes to the setup are less obvious than in the past. The one (hopefully) not noticable change is how the icicle ights are connected to the gutters. I call it “plan C” (as plan A and B didn’t really work out too well last year – gee, thanks Mother Nature). Only time will tell if Plan C is a keeper (fingers crossed).

The visible change (hopefully) will be the large “mega tree” went from 800 lights to 1600, and from bulbs spaced 2″ apart, to 1″ apart. Hopefully this will increase the visibility of some of the effects/images the tree displays. After completing the change and running a test, well, let’s say, I’m hoping most people won’t notice. *sigh*

Some of the lights are now installed/attached to the house. Missing one section of icicle lights yet as I ran out of the 3D printed hooks (measure once cut twice type problem). The printer is churning away at more hooks as I type this.

Still waiting for the xLights around the workd project to release the starter programming for this years songs. Should be “any day now”. Also been going through and trying to decide on the other songs that will make it into the show this year.

Hope everyone is looking forward to this years display as mch as I am!

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