Small Change

Have one issue with the show yet that I have been trying to work out. The short version – the computer that plays back has a video card in it that is too old. What does the video card have to do with running lights you ask? Good question. For one of the songs, there is a lighting effect that uses an OpenGL shader. This is just a fancy way of saying, there is a lot of graphics processing going on to decide what each bulb should be doing. The play computer doesn’t support OpenGL v3. When it gets to that part of the song, all the lights change to a cyan color (which the docs say, your OpenGL isn’t supported).

There are a couple of options to fix this.

One, get a new play computer (too expensive).

Two, use the gaming computer I do the programming on. Don’t want to do this either as it means I have to leave a power hungry computer on.

Three, get a Raspberry PI and use the Falcon FPP player softwaret

Tonight, I picked option 3, and got a raspberry pi 4 on the way home from work. A few hours later, it is up and running. xLights (the software I use to do the lights) has support for the player built in, and can upload the config and song files easily. The one song that had issues plays just fine now. Down side, two other songs don’t really play. The music plays, but the lights don’t. The other songs work fine. Guess I have one more thing to figure out yet…

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